$151,306 seized from El Paso Port of Entry

In late March, at approximately 3:40 am an 59 year old man attempted to leave the US via the El Paso Port of Entry. Juan Francisco Dominguez Morales was driving a 1996 Ford Ranger which was selected for investigation. Upon entering the vehicle agents discovered multiple soda cans that had been manipulated to conceal rolls of bills. The total amount seized was $151,306 in a combination of US and Mexican currency. Mr. Morales, from San Diego California, was arrested and went to El Paso County jail. No bond was granted, and it is expected that ICE will prosecute him federally. While it seems unlikely that he will be able to do so, if Mr. Morales can prove a legitimate source of the funds, and legitimate intended purpose he will be off the hook for the failure to disclose. If this has happened to you or a friend, act now. Even if Customs has seized your money, there may be a way to recover if you act quickly enough.

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