CBP Agents Seized Over $10,000 From Traveler’s Shoes

CBP Agents Seized

She may have diamonds in the soles of her shoes, but a Phoenix man has Benjamin’s in the soles of his shoes. One hundred of them to be exact. In Lukeville Arizona, on April 10, 2013 this Phoenix man was attempting to leave the United States when he was searched. The search revealed $10,744.00 in the solves of his shoes. CBP Agents Seized the money. The man was arrested and will likely be charged federally. Shoes seem to be experiencing a spike in popularity as a hiding place for contraband cash. Other common places include hidden compartments of vehicles, purses, inside clothing, etc. This could mean that agents are now routinely searching shoes at a higher frequency than before, or more people could be attempting to smuggle cash in this way.


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