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Cleveland Ohio US Customs | DEA Money SeizureWhile Cleveland Ohio may not be number one on your list of potential vacation locations, it actually has a bustling tourist industry. Cleveland  has a large performance arts cultural following, which has resulted in the development  of the Playhouse Square Center and the Great Lakes Theatre festival. Furthermore, the Cleveland Orchestra, Museum of Art, and Museum of Contemporary art are big draws to the cultural scene in the Midwest.  Not to mention the famous Rock and Roll hall of fame!

Other things bring travelers to Cleveland as well. One such draw is the promise of gainful employment. While the Midwest has been devastated by catastrophic unemployment numbers during the recession, Cleveland has remained relatively stable. Many manufacturing states have suffered as a result of the economic downturn. Cleveland; however, was sufficiently diversified to avoid this fate. Despite being a titan of steel, Cleveland is also home to the corporate headquarters of Allied Industrial Technologies, Sherwin-Williams, the Riverside Company, and the Cleveland Clinic which houses Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospitals.

Tourists and business people alike are serviced by the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Customs seizures are almost always more prevalent in cities with an international airport. Further, in prosperous cities, or those that draw a large amount of tourists, there is more money coming in to seize. This is not lost on the United States Customs and Border Protection Agents, or other local agencies who at times may have a monetary incentive to seize funds based on Department of Homeland Security Regulations.

If you have had your money seized by the federal government via Postal Money Seizure, Customs Money Seizure, or DEA Money Seizure, you should know that there are firm deadlines in these cases. Should these deadlines expire, your chances of getting your money back are greatly reduced. Our lawyers are waiting for your call so we can get to work on the successful return of your money. Our firm has the skills and experience that you need on your side for success. Cleveland Ohio US Customs | DEA Money Seizure Nationwide, call our Attorneys at 877-406-6906 for a free consultation or contact us with a private message.

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