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US Customs Money Seizures

Most people make the mistake of believing that only cash is subject to seizure. When they fail to report other currency on the required report during customs, they are surprised to find other monetary instruments are confiscated. Monetary instruments are defined as United States coins and currency, coins and currency from a foreign country, travelers’ checks, personal checks, business checks, and bank checks, Securities, and Stocks. A safe assumption to make is that any form of money must be reported to customs whether or not it shows up on the list to prevent seizure.

Money Seizure Attorney

At times it can be difficult to determine what requires reporting. If a seizure has happened to you because of the simple mistake of not reporting your monetary instrument, contact us at US Custom Money Seizures. We are attorneys that specialize in helping you retrieve your seized currency. For a consultation, contact us at (877)406-6906.

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