Customs Kiosks at Detroit Metro Airport

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Customs Kiosks at Detroit Metro Airport

New Customs Kiosks at Detroit Metro Airport

Detroit Metro Airport recently introduced 30 new customs kiosks in the international arrivals and federal inspection areas in the McNamara terminal. The machines are meant to make the customs process run more smoothly for international travelers and to promote safety in international travel. The machines do this by allowing individuals to scan their passports, have their pictures taken, and answer questions about their flight and personal information in one stop. Airport officials reported that travelers can complete the process in about two minutes, allowing for quick and smooth customs processing.

The introduction of these machines has gone well and Detroit Metro Airport indicated that it plans to add five more machines in the North Terminal to serve international travelers entering at that location.

International travel is exhausting and can be confusing, especially for individuals with language barriers. For many the kiosks will come as a relief, especially after hours of travel. However, for travelers who encounter problems such as customs money seizures, the process becomes a great deal more complicated. The introduction of the kiosks do not signal more relaxed security so individuals should be mindful of all laws regardless of the nature of their entry into the United States. If you have had money or currency seized at an international border or port of entry, you should know that the matter is extremely time-sensitive and that you should seek help immediately if you would like to recover your assets. Our Attorneys have successfully handled numerous seizure cases originating in locations across the United States. This makes us an ideal firm for individuals in need of assistance with this type of case. Our firm has the skills and experience that you need on your side for success. Nationwide, call our Attorneys at 877-406-6906 for a free consultation or contact us with a private message.


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