DeConcini Port of Entry: Customs Agents Seize $143,000

Two women, traveling separately, were stopped by customs and border protection agents on April 3, 2013.

First, at DeConcini port of entry, a 26 year old woman from Sinaloa was observed attempting to hide something under her clothing. It turned out to be $20,000.00. Further search revealed $13,400.00 in her shoes, and $5,600.00 in a pair of pants she was carrying with her. Finally, $10,979.00 turned up in her purse bringing the total to $49,979.00.

A second woman was stopped two hours later. From Nogales, Sonora the 43 year old in the outgoing pedestrian lane was hiding $11,00.00 in her purse, and another $50,000.00 was later revealed. She admitted the money was proceeds from selling drugs, and she was being paid to take the money into Mexico.

In both cases the money was seized and the women were charged. It is not unusual in that the smugglers were women, at least one admitted to a criminal purpose, and CBP released quite a few details.

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