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seized money returnedDetroit Clothing Money Seizure: Over $40,000.00 Seized from Woman

Officers at Detroit Metropolitan Airport made a surprising discovery this spring when searching traveler Victoria Faren. Officers became suspicious of Faren when she reported that she was carrying $200 in cash, and later changed the amount to $1,200. Officials first searched her luggage and found over $12,000 in hidden inside. Later she admitted that she was carrying more cash on her body, including large amounts sewed into her undergarments. In fact, the report reflected that she was carrying about $21,000 in just her girdle. The officers ultimately found over $40,000. Faren explained that she received the money by selling her home to her son.

The officers seized the money because travelers are required to report when they are carrying $10,000 or more in monetary instruments. This includes cash, checks, stocks or even gold coins. The items that are exempted from this rule are credit cards (even if the limit is over $10,000), gold bullion, and money instruments that are made payable to a named person that are not endorsed yet.

If you fail to report that you are carrying over $10,000 and your money is seized, you may be in a difficult situation even if it was an honest mistake. Customs money seizures are unique in a legal sense because the burden is on you, the individual suffering the seizure, to prove that the money is from a legitimate source and that it will be used for a legitimate purpose.

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