Detroit Tunnel Seizure: Local Customs Seizure Triggers National Press


Detroit Tunnel Seizure:

On Sunday June 9th a Canadian mother named Moura El-Esmar (51) and her daughter Jacinta (16) were found to be smuggling nearly $60,000.00 in their undergarments. The duo was stopped at the tunnel in a vehicle driven by El-Esmar’s boyfriend, another Canadian citizen. Further amounts were located in her purse. Moura El-Esmar alleged that the funds were hidden for safety and to conceal the amount of her wealth from her boyfriend. Despite her allegations that the funds were from a lawful source (disability checks and her paper route), she was charged and will be prosecuted. The two were en route to Lebanon where they planned to visit relatives for approximately 10 weeks.

If this has happened to you or a friend, act nowEven if Customs has seized your money along with drugs or other illegal materials, or if you failed to properly declare your money, there may be a way to recover if you act quickly enough. Of course, you’ll also need an aggressive, fast-acting attorney who knows how to navigate the complex area of customs law.

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