Dog Alerts and Money Seizures

Dog alert

Were you charged with a crime or subjected to a customs seizure based on a dog alert? Dog alerts have long been considered a reliable justification for a search warrant which can lead to arrest and subsequent charges. However, these dog alerts may not be as reliable as they seem. In recent studies while the dogs were not distracted by other scents, toys, or treats, the dogs seemed to be responding to subtle nonverbal cues from the handlers.

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While not seen in the study, it is even possible an officer could purposely stimulate a false alert. In order to protect your rights and your freedom it is important to retain an experienced attorney who can challenge the search to get it thrown out. Once the search is thrown out, nothing the agent found from the search can be used against you.

Our attorneys have successfully navigated the federal bureaucracy surrounding Seizure case and have recouped seized funds for numerous clients throughout the country, regularly relying on innocent owner defense and others.

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