Huge 360k seizure at Hidalgo International Bridge

Hidalgo International Bridge seizure

Hidalgo International Bridge seizureOn May 2nd, 2013 at Hidalgo International Bridge a 23 year man from San Luis Potosi, Mexico was stopped and searched. Upon discovering problems with his vehicle, 36 separate packages of cash were discovered, each containing $10,000.00. “This outstanding seizure of unreported currency was accomplished due to excellent teamwork from our CBP-OFO officers,” said Efrain Solis Jr., port director, Hidalgo/Pharr/Anzalduas. “People who fail to declare currency in excess of $10,000 entering or leaving the country will face penalties or be subject to having CBP seize all of the unreported currency.”

Seizures like this remind us that there is a reason for the law requiring disclosure of amounts in excess of $10,000.00. There is additionally good reason for the remission of seizures where an innocent owner can prove a legitimate source of the funds.

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