Money Seized, what now? 19 CFR § 162.43, 19 USC § 1606

money seized

What happens to my money once it has been seized?

Once your money is seized, CBP agents must appraise the domestic value of the items. 19 CFR § 162.43, 19 USC § 1606. This means the “ price at which such or similar property is freely offered for sale at the time and place of appraisement, in the same quantity or quantities as seized, and in the ordinary course of trade.” Id. At this point, your property can still be returned if you file a timely Petition and prove your innocent owner and legitimate source defenses.

Once you have lost your rights in the property, either by failing to file a timely petition or by losing your one chance to appeal, Customs may use, sell, or destroy the items. Contraband is generally destroyed. If any of the items are retained by Customs, they must issue notice to you. So, if you don’t want your property being destroyed or put to use by the federal government, it is critical to get your petition right. Filing a Remission of Forfeiture is tricky business. It is full of complicated legal jargon and requires strict compliance with notoriously complex and voluminous federal regulation and bureaucracy. Do not try it yourself, call our experienced attorneys.

The Federal Government regularly seizes millions of dollars from Travelers every year, don’t let them take your money seized without a fight, Nationwide, call our Attorneys at 877-406-6906 for a free consultation or contact us with a private message.

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