Sacramento California Customs DEA Money Seizure

Sacramento California Customs DEA Money Seizure

Sacramento California Customs DEA Money Seizure:

California is an attractive destination especially during the winter season.  Sacramento, California’s Capitol, serves as the seat of government, business and even recreation for the Sacramento metropolitan area.  Sacramento is in a central location which facilitates visiting a wide variety of California’s attractions including national parks and vineyards.  Additionally, this city continues to maintain moderate growth and economic expansion, bringing the opportunity for investment to business-oriented individuals.  Sacramento is also home to a number of academic institutions.  Among them are the California State University and Drexel University, drawing sharp minds from around the world.

The Sacramento International Airport serves as a transportation hub for the area and millions of passengers pass through this facility each year.  Customs and DEA seizures are common at airports such as this, given the volume of passengers and flights.  Many travelers passing through this area will be carrying large amounts of money, bound for tourist attractions or educational opportunities in the city and beyond.  The Sacramento International Airport also facilitates direct flights to Mexico through Mexicana Airline, making it a designated port of entry.  This type of classification combined with large numbers of travelers draws the attention of the DEA and Customs.  When a person traveling internationally is carrying more than $10,000.00 and fails to accurately report the amount of money they are carrying, they may be subject to a money seizure.  If you are a traveler facing a seizure by Customs or the DEA, you will need to prove that your money came from a legitimate source and that you intended to use it for a legitimate, legal purpose.  These cases are unique because the presumption is against you, the carrier of the money.  It is your burden to demonstrate that you did not intend to use it for an illegal, drug-related purpose.

If you are experiencing a DEA, customs, or other seizure by an agency, our attorneys have the experience to handle these unique and, often times, difficult cases.  We have handled cases in California and other states, carrying a high success rate.  Sacramento California Customs DEA Money Seizure? For nationwide assistance, call our Attorneys at 877-406-6906, or contact us with a private message.

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