Columbus Ohio Customs Money Currency Seizure

Columbus Ohio Customs Money Currency Seizure

Columbus Ohio is the largest City in Ohio, and the capital of the state. Home to the Buckeyes and Ohio State University, this city also houses the Port Columbus International Airport.

Many things bring people to travel to Columbus. Ohio State University students and their family fly in and out frequently. Additionally, Columbus is the headquarters of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, American Electric Power, L Brands, Big Lots, Cardinal Health, and Wendy’s among other major companies. Additionally contributing to the influx of international travelers, are divisions of the German International company Siemans, and Finland’s Vaisala. Finally, tourists travel to visit the brewery district, the Columbus Museum of Art, COSI, the botanical gardens, the Ohio State Fair, and to see the Clippers and the BlueJackets play.

With many people traveling in and out of the country, and particularly those traveling for work or other economic reasons, there are large sums of cash entering and leaving the U.S. via the Port Columbus International Airport. U.S Customs and Border Protection are generally the first to become aware when an area begins to have more than average international travel, or travel involving large sums of money, since they stand to benefit. This came to our attention when we began to receive more and more calls about money seizures out of Ohio.

Additionally, in 2012 there were a significant number of clandestine laboratory incidents in Ohio: 634 to be exact. This indicates a high incidence of drug related activity, particularly meth making activity. As such, the Drug Enforcement Agency is also highly attuned to any amount of cash traveling around the Columbus Area. Between Customs scrutiny, and DEA scrutiny, this location has become a hot spot for money seizures.

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