Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Border Seizure: $12,00.00 US seized, $11,000.00 US Returned

Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Border Seizure

Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Border Seizure:

After five and 1/2 months of hard work, one of our customs attorneys recently succeeded in recovering nearly $12,000.00 in seized funds from US Customs and Border Patrol. These funds were seized in Detroit, Michigan, at the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel crossing while the client attempted to enter the USA from Windsor, Canada. While the funds were legitimate, the client misstated the amount of money that he was bringing into the country. Unaware of the strict and complex reporting requirements, the client did not realize the potential damage of such a mistake.

Because of the complexity of the law and process surrounding US Customs policy, this is an easy and all too common mistake, and what makes the situation worse is that many people are unaware that they can often recover these funds. Time is of the essence, however—in most cases, an individual will lose his opportunity to challenge a seizure if he fails to file a petition within 30 days. Additionally, the longer the money remains in the custody of U.S. Customs, the more likely the assets will be completely forfeited to the government. Finally, even with a diligent attorney, the complexity of US customs law often makes for a long recovery process. Given the harsh time constraints and complicated law, many individuals are not aware of their rights, or are unable to adequately fight for those rights. As a result, most of the millions of dollars that Customs seizes annually are forfeited to the US government.

Legal representation is of the utmost importance in this area. If this has happened to you, you need an advocate who knows the way around the complex policies and bureaucracy of Customs, and who can constantly, diligently fight for the recovery of your money before time runs out.

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