SWEETGRASS, MT: Seized Kawasaki Motorcycle Returned

Yesterday, one of our attorneys received approval from US Customs and Border Patrol (US CBP) for the return of a client’s Kawasaki motorcycle.  US CBP seized the bike when the client, a Canadian citizen, was found using it to travel illegally into and throughout the United States.  The return of the motorcycle came after a months-long struggle with US CBP, including the filing of a lengthy initial petition as well as a subsequent supplemental petition.

US Customs Seizure Montana:

kawasakiIn fact, the client had illegally entered the United States from Canada, and he did so knowingly.  Despite this, our experts was able to convince US CBP that given the client’s circumstances, equity and justice warranted the return of the bike.  To start, the client did most of his work in the US, and though he knew his work visa had expired, he was desperate to cross the border to be able to work and continue to support himself in the meantime.  In addition, the motorcycle represented the client’s primary form of transportation and without it, he would be essentially immobilized.  Learning this, US CBP agreed that it would be fair to return the bike to him.

US Customs and Border Patrol can seize money or goods for a number of reasons, typically because it believes those items are connected with a crime such as, here, transporting an illegal alien, or other offenses like drug crimes.  However, this case goes to show that when US CBP seizes money or goods, even if the seizure is warranted and the individual is at fault, mitigating circumstances such as hardship can be enough to secure the return of the seized items.  If this has happened to you or a friend, call our customs lawyers today. The seized goods may be recovered, even if you believe you are responsible for the violation that caused the goods to be taken. However, time is of the essence.  Recovering seized goods is a complex, time-sensitive process that requires quick, strategic action.  You need an attorney who can quickly find the best course of action, who will begin fighting for you immediately, and who will continue to fight zealously on your behalf until your property is recovered.

Our knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced attorneys are available 24/7, nationwide, to consult with you for free and initiate out a plan to recover your property.  Again, time is of the essence, so call now!  Our office can easily be reached by phone at 877-406-6906, or you can contact us with a private message.

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