Los Angeles International Airport Money Seizure

The Los Angeles International Airport Money Seizure

The Los Angeles International Airport Money Seizure:

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) began as a military airport during World War II. In the early sixties it was converted into a commercial transportation hub, and is now one of the busiest airports in not only the nation, but also in the world. In fact, LAX ranks as the sixth busiest airport in the world!

Due to it’s size and the fact that it is indeed an international destination, LAX works closely with the United States Customs and Border Patrol on a daily and even hourly basis. With over 61 million people served annually, it’s no surprise that money seizures occur more frequently at LAX, and that many travelers find themselves facing aggressive legal action from the US Customs department.

The LAX and the US Department of Customs and Border Patrol face an unusually high rate of drug related money trafficking, and as a result are highly reactive to errors made on customs forms, and aggressive when it comes to the transportation of money by US and international travelers.

Have you or a friend or family member had your money seized while traveling through the Los Angeles International Airport? It is important to act quickly to get your money back, and our attorneys can help you.

Regardless of whether it was a mistake or a failure to declare, our talented attorneys can help you get your money back. Start to get the help you need  with a free consultation at 877-406-6906 or you can contact us with a private message.

US CBP Port of Los Angeles Money Seizure

Port of Los Angeles Money Seizure

Port of Los Angeles Money Seizure

The Port of Los Angeles is the most active freight container port in the United States, and also acts as a great resource for tourists, in addition to being a powerhouse for trade and transportation. The size of the Port of Los Angeles allows it to host over one million recreational travelers every year. The World Cruise center is based in the Port of Los Angeles, and is the self-declared most secure cruise passenger complex.

Location, security, and affordable travel options all add to the draw for the over one million travelers that visit the Port of Los Angeles every year. Whether traveling along the United States coast, or heading out to international waters, adventure seekers flock to the beautiful World Cruise center headquarters.

Whenever national or international travel is concerned, it is important to follow the rules and regulations established by the United States government, even if the Port of Los Angeles is a stopover on the way to other U.S. or international destinations.

Travelers are required to declare the transport, attempt to transport, or cause to transport currency or other forms of money that is $10,000.00 or more. If you fail to do so the United States Government will seize your money.

Seizure can result in the permanent loss of the money you did not declare, and even more in fees and fines. Has this happened to you? Call our Attorneys at  877-406-6906 for a free consultation or contact us with a private message. Time is of the essence! Call now to get the help you need from experienced, successful attorneys that know the law and have helped others to fight to get their money back.

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