Toledo Customs Money Currency Seizure

Toledo Customs Money Currency Seizure

The name Toledo has traveled from Spain across the world and to at least five major cities in the United States. Only one such city, is on the border of Michigan which contains a major international border. Toledo, Ohio and Toledo, Spain are actually sister cities which formed the first such relationship in North America.

Lucas County Ohio is also a hub of trucking activity, leading to increased scrutiny by US Customs and Border Protection. As the fourth most populous city in Ohio, and home to significant industry especially glass and automotive, this scrutiny is with good reason: there may be a lot of cash going in and out of Toledo, Ohio.

Tourist attractions also bring visitors from near and far. The Peristyle concert hall hosts the Toledo Symphony Orchestra, and at times visiting international orchestras. The Stranahan Theater as well can be a good place to catch off Broadway shows for cheaper than other locations. Finally, the Toledo Zoo has international acclaim. Toledo is serviced by Toledo Express Airport, and at times we get calls from Toledoans (or those visiting them) who have had their money seized by agents at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Furthermore, Toledo has not escaped the meth and heroin surge across the rust belt. With Drug Enforcement Agents come DEA seizures. Regardless of the type of seizure, our office will work to show you are an innocent owner of the funds. This means showing that you  had a legitimate intended use of the funds, and a legitimate source of the funds. In DEA seizures we must also show there is no nexus between the funds and the drug trafficking trade.

Were you victimized by the federal government via Customs Money Seizure, Postal Money Seizure, or DEA Money Seizure? These type of cases require adherence to rigid deadlines. If these deadlines are not met, it will be exponentially more difficult to win your money back. Call our lawyers today and get us on the case of the safe return of your money.  We are skilled and experienced attorneys who have won cases all over the country. Need a Toledo Customs Money Currency Seizure Attorney? Nationwide, call our Attorneys at 877-406-6906, or contact us with a private message.


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