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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Money Seizure

Have the US Customs and Border Patrol, Postal Inspectors, or the DEA seized your money or property in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

Pittsburgh, “the Steel City” is the second-largest city in the U.S. State of Pennsylvania, and the largest in both the Ohio Valley and Appalachia and the 20th-largest in the U.S. Here like anywhere else in the United States the seizure and forfeiture laws available to government agents are unparalleled to any such state power. If you have been accused of carrying a “suspicious” amount of cash, i.e. any “large” sum of cash, whether 3,000.00 dollars or 3 million dollars, if  any of the aforementioned government agencies have seized it, it’s on you to prove that the money isn’t connected to a crime. This is what we call the intersection of civil law’s low burden of proof for prosecutors and criminal law’s aggressive reach. As Seizure defense lawyers we have been charged with keeping this power in check and advocating for the cause of those whose assets have been seized. If this has happened to you, you need experienced a diligent federal seizure defense attorney working for you.

Victim of a Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Money Seizure? including Pittsburgh International Airport, we can help, over the years our firm has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of similar clients and can help you too– if you or someone you know has had money or property taken by the US Customs and Border Patrol, Postal Inspectors, or the DEA, call our firm today for a free consultation! Our attorneys are ready to help you, time is of the essence. Call us now at 877-406-6906, or you can contact us with a private message.

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