Texas Money Seizure

Texas Money Seizure

Texas Money Seizure:

Texas is the second most populous state, and also has the second most airports of all the states with 730. The large number of airports, as well as the close proximity to the border with Mexico makes Texas a hot spot for money seizures of all types especially Texas customs money seizures. Federal regulations require that any person carrying more than $10,000.00 must report that amount to customs when traveling internationally or it may be seized.

Texas also has a major drug problem, and takes a hard stand on drugs. As such, overzealous DEA agents have made a name for Texas with respect to Texas DEA money seizures. Drug Enforcement Administration agents can seize any money for which there is a nexus with drug trafficking. This is a low burden for the government to meet. Since almost all money is contaminated with drug residue, any sham dog alert can suffice to meet this low burden.

Tourist destinations such as Austin, El Paso, and Houston draw visitors from the music scene and foodies from around the country. However, these visitors can be ill-prepared for the intense scrutiny that comes with proximity to an international border, especially in light of recent debates surrounding immigration. Agents can be especially suspicious in these areas of heightened security and less likely to let questionable circumstances slide. However, there is nothing illegal about carrying cash within the United States. If you are traveling internationally, you must comply with reporting requirements in order to avoid running afoul of customs and immigration regulations.

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