The Port of New York and New Jersey Money Seizure

Port of New York and New Jersey Money Seizure

Port of New York and New Jersey Money Seizure

The Port of New York and New Jersey is unique in the fact that not only does it provide service to travelers using any imaginable form of transportation, but it also services two states. In 2012 the NY Cruise Port was named the Port of the Year, adding to it’s appeal for travelers looking to sail into both national and international waters for their dream vacations. It’s not just vacationers utilizing the services of the Ports of New York and New Jersey; millions of commuters take ferries, buses or trains, to their jobs on a daily and weekly basis.

As the busiest port in the Eastern United States, this unique port offers not only an impressive array of transportation options, visitors also get a good view of the internationally know Statue of Liberty. Known historically for the immigration of millions, the Port of New York and New Jersey still see hundred of millions of visitors each year, both immigrants and vacationers.

As with any international port, it is important to follow the rules and regulations outlined by the U.S. Customs regarding the transportation of money, or foreign currency. If you transport, or attempt to transport currency or other forms of money in amount more than $10,000.00 you must file a report with the U.S. Customs.

If you fail to file the proper report the government will seize your money. Have you had your money seized by the U.S. Government? Call our Attorneys at  877-406-6906 for a free consultation. Our attorney’s know the law and have experience in getting our client’s money back in a timely manner. The sooner you call, the sooner you will see the results you want.

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