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US Customs Money Seizures

Most people make the mistake of believing that only cash is subject to seizure. When they fail to report other currency on the required report during customs, they are surprised to find other monetary instruments are confiscated. Monetary instruments are defined as United States coins and currency, coins and currency from a foreign country, travelers’ checks, personal checks, business checks, and bank checks, Securities, and Stocks. A safe assumption to make is that any form of money must be reported to customs whether or not it shows up on the list to prevent seizure.

Money Seizure Attorney

At times it can be difficult to determine what requires reporting. If a seizure has happened to you because of the simple mistake of not reporting your monetary instrument, contact us at US Custom Money Seizures. We are attorneys that specialize in helping you retrieve your seized currency. For a consultation, contact us at (877)406-6906.

Customs agents processed millions of flowers for Valentine’s Day

The United States Customs Office processes shipments that are curried from overseas by passenger planes regularly but recently the cargo has been anything but normal.  Customs agents processed millions of flowers in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day that were destined for the arms of sweethearts across the country.  You may be surprised to learn that most of these flowers came from Colombia and Ecuador.  In fact this South American nation supplies about half of the world’s cut flowers.  This is primarily due to the Colombian climate, which is very favorable for growing flowers including the Valentine’s Day favorite, roses.

So what was it about romantic bunches of roses that had U.S. Customs concerned?  The answer is that those bunches of flowers could have had drugs or insects hidden inside.  Colombia is also the world’s leading cocaine supplier.  The U.S. and Colombian governments have been working in tandem to battle the Colombian drug industry since the late 1990s when President Clinton and President Pastrana implemented Plan Colombia.  This controversial international agreement aimed to end the pervasiveness of the drug industry in Colombia and throughout the world.  U.S. Customs ensures that efforts to minimalize the spread of Colombian drugs aren’t thwarted.  Also, Colombian insects can be extremely destructive to plants and animals that are native to the U.S., so Customs ensures that our bouquets don’t carry anything but romance over our borders.

Many of the planes that carried those cut flowers were passenger planes which also carried travelers from around the world to United States ports.  It is at these locations that U.S. Customs also performs seizures of money.  Money seizures occur when agents suspect that the money is associated with illegal activity.  If your money is seized; you will bear the burden of proving that the funds came from a legitimate source and that they were intended to be used for a legal purpose.  This is a tenuous process and it takes experience to handle it effectively.  That is exactly what our attorneys possess.  If your money has been seized, call our attorneys at 877-406-6906 for a free consultation or contact us with a private message.

The Port of New York and New Jersey Money Seizure

Port of New York and New Jersey Money Seizure

Port of New York and New Jersey Money Seizure

The Port of New York and New Jersey is unique in the fact that not only does it provide service to travelers using any imaginable form of transportation, but it also services two states. In 2012 the NY Cruise Port was named the Port of the Year, adding to it’s appeal for travelers looking to sail into both national and international waters for their dream vacations. It’s not just vacationers utilizing the services of the Ports of New York and New Jersey; millions of commuters take ferries, buses or trains, to their jobs on a daily and weekly basis.

As the busiest port in the Eastern United States, this unique port offers not only an impressive array of transportation options, visitors also get a good view of the internationally know Statue of Liberty. Known historically for the immigration of millions, the Port of New York and New Jersey still see hundred of millions of visitors each year, both immigrants and vacationers.

As with any international port, it is important to follow the rules and regulations outlined by the U.S. Customs regarding the transportation of money, or foreign currency. If you transport, or attempt to transport currency or other forms of money in amount more than $10,000.00 you must file a report with the U.S. Customs.

If you fail to file the proper report the government will seize your money. Have you had your money seized by the U.S. Government? Call our Attorneys at  877-406-6906 for a free consultation. Our attorney’s know the law and have experience in getting our client’s money back in a timely manner. The sooner you call, the sooner you will see the results you want.

US CBP Port of Los Angeles Money Seizure

Port of Los Angeles Money Seizure

Port of Los Angeles Money Seizure

The Port of Los Angeles is the most active freight container port in the United States, and also acts as a great resource for tourists, in addition to being a powerhouse for trade and transportation. The size of the Port of Los Angeles allows it to host over one million recreational travelers every year. The World Cruise center is based in the Port of Los Angeles, and is the self-declared most secure cruise passenger complex.

Location, security, and affordable travel options all add to the draw for the over one million travelers that visit the Port of Los Angeles every year. Whether traveling along the United States coast, or heading out to international waters, adventure seekers flock to the beautiful World Cruise center headquarters.

Whenever national or international travel is concerned, it is important to follow the rules and regulations established by the United States government, even if the Port of Los Angeles is a stopover on the way to other U.S. or international destinations.

Travelers are required to declare the transport, attempt to transport, or cause to transport currency or other forms of money that is $10,000.00 or more. If you fail to do so the United States Government will seize your money.

Seizure can result in the permanent loss of the money you did not declare, and even more in fees and fines. Has this happened to you? Call our Attorneys at  877-406-6906 for a free consultation or contact us with a private message. Time is of the essence! Call now to get the help you need from experienced, successful attorneys that know the law and have helped others to fight to get their money back.

US CBP Port Everglades Money Seizures

Port Everglades Money Seizures

Port Everglades Money Seizures

Port Everglades  of Broward County, Florida is one of the busiest ports for trade and tourism in South Florida. Whether it’s international cruise lines, or US coastal tours, the people, ships, and products pour in and out of Port Everglades all day, every day.

Popular with the Navy as a favorite port, it also boasts the largest service of petroleum products for South Florida, an area that demands jet, car, and standard oil fuels in massive amounts for it’s tourism industry. It’s easy access to international transportation, and mild climate allows Port Everglades to offer comfortable and safe travel for it’s countless travelers both in and out of the United States.

Whenever international, and even national travel is concerned, it is important to know and understand the rules and regulations that make up the United States Custom Laws.  It is legal and permissible to transport money in and out of the United States, however, if the amount being transferred is over $10,000 the proper report must be filed. This is Customs Form 4790.  Failure to file the proper report can result in your money being seized by the government.

If the U.S. government has seized your money, or begun litigation in civil forfeiture against you, you need the assistance of an attorney who has helped other clients, successfully defend themselves.  Get the help you need now: call us now for a free consultation at 877-406-6906, or contact us with a private message. Time is of the essence!

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