US Customs and Border Protection Preclearance Zones

Bahamas, US Customs and Border Protection Preclearance Zones

US Customs PreClearance Zones:

While most inspections for US Customs and Border Protection take place in the United States, there are several inspection sites known as “US Customs PreClearance Zones” in other countries. These countries allow CBP to set up inspection zones prior to the traveler even leaving their airport of departure. If they are traveling to the US and have failed to declare, or have violated other customs policies, their money can be seized. Travelers pre-cleared at one of Customs and Border Protection’s foreign preclearance locations in Canada or the Caribbean are not required to clear customs and immigration again when they arrive in the United States.

Currently the U.S. has 15 locations in five countries including:

The vast majority of PreClearance zones are located in Canada. If you have been subject to a customs money seizure at a PreClearance zone, or otherwise, it is important to retain an experienced attorney. There are strict filing deadlines which, when missed, deprive you of your right to appeal this seizure. It is important to act quickly, and retain an attorney who knows the system and can work to protect your rights.

Our experienced customs seizure lawyers are ready to help you recover your money while there’s still time.  We practice throughout the US– call us now! We’re available by phone at 877-406-6906, or you can contact us with a private message.

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