US Customs Seizure in Champlain New York: $18,001.00 US Currency, along with a 2010 Dodge Journey, Seized/$17,001.00 as well as the vehicle returned

US Customs Seizure in Champlain New York

In early August 2013, US Customs and Border Patrol notified our firm that one of our office had succeeded in recovering approximately $17,000.00 in US Currency along with a 2010 Dodge Journey, valued at around $14,000.00. This news came after several months of hard work and allowed us to help our client recover not only a significant amount of money, but also his key form of transportation.

US Customs and Border Patrol seized this client’s money when he and a family member attempted to travel by vehicle into New York from Canada and failed to report the cash that they were carrying with them.  This client, a Canadian citizen, regularly both travels and does business into the US, evening owning property here.  Despite this, and despite the fact that the money was completely legitimately sourced, US Customs and Border Patrol was still able to seize it due to their failure to report.

Unfortunately, failure to report funds upon border crossing is an honest mistake that many people make, and it can lead to extremely dire consequences if action is not taken immediately upon seizure.  While recovery is attainable, as was the case with this particular client, the process is not only complicated but also extremely time-sensitive.

Victim of a US Customs Seizure in Champlain New York? If this has happened to you or a loved one, don’t wait!  You need an expert lawyer who is familiar with the laws, procedures, and winning strategies for recovery—and you need someone who will give you the prompt, personalized attention to get this matter resolved within the appropriate time limits.  Let our expert legal team recover your money and contact us today for a free consultation!  Our attorneys are waiting to discuss your case 24/7 nationwide, so call us at 877-406-6906, or contact us with a private message.

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