Detroit, Michigan Seizure: $33,000.00

one of our attorney’s was able to see our client get the quickest return of seized assets yet, recovering all seized funds held by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, in under a month and 1/2. While in many cases, individuals are only able to recover a portion of monies seized, because of settlement guidelines, and penalties, this sum represents the entire amount seized in this case. 

This client was apprehended at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, where he accurately declared all of his money. Afterwards, however, Customs agents found marijuana on the client’s person, and he was subsequently charged with a misdemeanor. Customs seized the drugs, but then also seized the client’s money, Customs took the money under the pretext that the client had failed to report it—Customs failed to accurately classify the money as part of a drug seizure, in doing so, it allow our offices to successfully argue, no violation existed, and the money needed to be returned. Now if the money had been seized by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), or the case had been characterized as a drug money seizure, it would have made any recover efforts on behalf of the client much more difficult. 

While time is always of the essence in Customs cases, timing was especially crucial in this case. Because the client retained us immediately after this occurred, we were able to act quickly enough to recover the money before the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), was able to make a parallel seizure. 

If this has happened to you, a friend or a family member, act now. Even if Customs has seized your money along with drugs or other illegal materials, or if you failed to properly declare your money, there may be a way to recover if you act quickly enough

Of course, you’ll also need an aggressive, fast-acting attorney who knows how to navigate the complex area of customs law. We practice throughout the US– call us now! We’re available by phone at 877-406-6906, or you can  contact us  with a  private message. 

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