Nashville, Tennesse $63,689.00 Seized.

 client in Nashville, TN, traveling on business from Ghana to the United States, had his money seized by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. The client had $63,689.00 that he was carrying in cash seized by Customs. Due to the unstable and unsafe banking options in the country of Ghana, the client was carrying the money on his person into the United States, when he encountered Border Patrol Agents at the Nashville International Airport. 

Although our client was experienced with US Customs and Border Patrol, and was aware of the declaration law, a simple mistake in his forms resulted in an immediate seizure of his money. This case is great example of how even when there is a mistake the experienced and successful attorneys at our firm are able to get your money back, and iron out a potentially huge business loss. 

Besides the personal stress of the seizure process, the loss of money for his business had an immediate and troubling impact. The good news is that by contacting our firm, he was able to rest easy knowing he was in the able hands of professionals dedicated to get the results he needed. 

In only four months our client received $58,600.00 of his money back, a swift turnover, and financial victory, achieved with the assistance of our educated and professional attorneys. This helped to stabilize his business that he worked so hard to build. If you have had your money seized, our attorneys can help you. Whether it was a mistake or a failure to declare, our attorneys can help you get your money back.

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