Pembina, North Dakota $18,376.80 Seized

his week after 7 ½ months of hard work, we were finally able to see the return of $18,000.00 Dollars for a Customs Seizure client of ours who had $19,000.00 in Canadian dollars seized at a Border Port of Entry in North Dakota. 

This is a great result, because seizures being handled by the Pembina, North Dakota office are usually some of the hardest in the nation. The Pembina ND office of the US Customs and Border Patrol covers 32 different ports of entry and 12,000 miles of the US border. Yearly 5,000 + cases from these ports are handled in the central office at Pembina by a single forfeiture officer and her small staff. 

Because of the shear volume of seizures in this jurisdiction, the border patrol agents have an unusual discretionary power for these ports, and are able to return seized money right at the time of seizure if the circumstances warrant it

This means that if your funds have been outright seized in this jurisdiction you already have an uphill battle to get anything back, as the US Customs has marked your case for total forfeiture, and they feel you do not warrant the return of your money. 

In other words, one public official has already determined that the government has a good case to keep your funds permanently.  If this is you, you really need an attorney. In our most recent win keep in mind Customs kept our client’s money tied up for nearly eight months even with an attorney, and constant advocacy and argument. You can imagine what might have happened if he had not had an advocate who knows the way around the policies and bureaucracy of Customs work on his side. 

Don’t let this happen to you. Our experienced customs seizure lawyers are ready to help you recover your money while there’s still time. We practice throughout the US– call us now! We’re available by phone at 877-406-6906, or you can  contact us  with a  private message

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