Phoenix, Arizona: $9,165.00 Seized.

While we would never say that Custom’s Seizure cases are easy, our postal seizure cases and Drug Enforcement Agency seizures are notoriously more difficult. While the work is similar, these cases are difficult in the sense that they have a lower success rate over all. There are many factors that contribute to this, certainly the policy against drugs and drug trafficking seems to be more of a federal priority than Customs reporting requirements. 

However, we are excited to report that we recently got some good news. A petition we filed in August came back that our Petition had been granted and our client was getting all of his money back! Additionally, at two months and three weeks of waiting, this is one of the fastest turn around times for any Petition we have ever filed. We attribute this to the fact that our client was able to get us all the information we needed quickly, so we could turn his evidence and proof into strong arguments for why his money should be returned. 

This was another incident where a drug seizure was based on a drug dog alert (or so we believe) that took place outside of the presence of the Petitioner. Recent cases have established that this is a shaky basis for the Federal government to pin their case on, and we believe they may begin to be more meticulous in ensuring that agents meet at least basic requirements for money seizure in the future. While that would mean these difficult cases would become even more so, it also means that less seizures would occur, which is a win in our book. 

Don’t let this happen to you. Our experienced customs seizure lawyers are ready to help you recover your money while there’s still time. We practice throughout the US– call us now! We’re available by phone at 877-406-6906, or you can  contact us  with a  private message

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